How to increase labor points in ArcheAge

In ArcheAge Labor Points is the third point pool, which doesn’t affect your character’s combat performance and survivability, but you can’t buy it with your ArcheAge Gold too. It is the core resource required for any crafting action: gathering harvests, planting trees, building houses, ships and so on.

Labor power is closely connected with leveling of crafting professions. Leveling progress depends on the amount of points you spend for a particular profession. The more points you spend – the faster you progress. For example if you mine ore you spend labor for every node and thus level up Mining.

Labor points are required for any crafting action. The amount of points you will spend depends on the difficulty of the task. For example gathering crops will cost less power than building a big ship. Big objects or tasks will require a lot of materials and a lot of labor.

How to recover / restore labor?
Labor Points are recovered automatically over time. Non-premium player recovers 5 point every 5 minutes regardless online status. Upgrade to premium account allows player to get 10 points every 5 minutes when online, and 5 points when offline.

There is on more way to recover – you need to own a house with a special bed. Later on we will add a guide about recovering labor power. Sleeping allows to recover labor faster and also applies a special buff that allows to work more effective.

The level of your character doesn’t affect the speed of labor recovery. So sooner or later you will face with lack of it. ArcheAge allows you to ask a friend for help with your task if you have no points. If your friend has enough labor he can help you with crafting. This may be helpful when you need to create something really huge like a castle or a big ship.

If you have enough LP you can spend them for your own needs or you can help others. This system allows you to “sell” your ability to craft to another player. They can hire you in order to benefit from your pool.

Labor is a very important resource that makes crafting very interesting. A player has to manage the power carefully in order to level up crafting professions. This power is a center part of the economy system in ArcheAge.


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ArcheAge: Queue Length Addressed In Patch

As a ArcheAge fan, i really love this wonderful MMORPG game, i always spends my pocket on ArcheAge Gold. Trion Worlds and XL Games’ crooked juries MMO ArcheAge has known some troubles since their launch last week.

Yes, ArcheAge has been very busy! The starter zones filling up with samey underwear-clad noobs all running around for those same boars and scorpions to kill just to get to that sweet, sweet sandbox portion of the game have been causing some server lagginess, on top of the earlier reported instanes of DDOS attacks (which seem to be under control for the moment). One of the big things that have been introduced is that players who are AFK during character creation are booted to free up server space.

Trion has also addressed the far higher-than-expected Patron prices. Unlike a Founder’s one-time payment, the contribution a Patron pays is monthly. In return, a player with Patron status gets bonuses like a 10% XP increase and faster labor speeds. Trion had said in a prerelease livestream that monthly prices would be comparable to their other game, Rift. Turns out they were about 20% higher! A one month Patron package will now cost £8.99, with three month and six month options priced at £23.97 and £41.94.


DDoS attacks threaten ArcheAge

Archeage-store : ArcheAge already being hit with DDoS attacks, which is a MMO from Lineage creator Jake Song that has been in development for eight years, is finally getting a Western release.

Song founded XL Games back in 2003, and in 2006 started work on ArcheAge, a sandbox-style MMORPG. The game will be released tomorrow in the U.S. and Europe, although it’s already been available for the past few days to players who paid for the “Head Start” bundle.

But these head start players have been hit with big problems, and many can only access the game for short periods of time. Now XL Games has stated that this is due to a denial-of-service attack, and the team says it is “hard at work to get you back in the game.”

DDoS attacks are becoming more and more common in video games. Just recently the PlayStation Network was brought down by such an attack, while earlier this year, Steam, Origin and Battle.net all received attacks on the same night.


8 Guides to Level Faster in ArcheAge

In ArcheAge, you have to level your character to a certain level in order to participate in the high level content of the game as quickly as possible. So, in this guide you will have all the essential tips you may need to optimize your leveling.

ArcheAge Leveling
1. Pay Attention to Quest Summaries
Do not simply run to the location of the quest when you receive a new one, but be sure to read the summary so that you do not waste time in needless movement. Indeed, the quest summary not only tells you what monster you need to kill and loot, but also informs you of any item you may need to purchase from NPCs before moving there.

2. Rely On the Quest Indicators
When you accept a new quest, an indicator in the form of an arrow with a specific symbol/number and color will appear around your character, showing you the direction you need to take to reach the quest location. No need to get frustrated if you cannot find the monster you need to kill. It was either already killed by another player and will soon respawn, or you are at the right coordinates, but on the wrong floor. Quest indicators will also help you in finding items that may be hidden by the terrain.

3. Do Not Skip Quests
Never pass a quest just because the reward for it seems trivial. Sometimes this quest will lead to a longer chain of quests offering better rewards, and rare items. Pick up all the quests that you come across. Also be sure to check your mini-map for quest exclamation marks that will not always appear on your screen.

4. Always Overachieve
Some of the quests in ArcheAge have completion conditions that vary from the others. Indeed, upon reaching 50% of the quest conditions (4/8 monsters killed for example) you can submit the quest as an Early Completion. If you exceed the quest condition however (9/8 monsters killed) the quest switches to an Extra-Progression status, up to 150-160% (12/8 monsters killed) of the quest condition where it earns the Overachieve status. Completing the quest earlier will save you some time but reduce the EXP rewards, while Overachieving will take you more time, but boost the EXP received. Which one you choose will depend mostly on your play style, but if you want to level faster, Overachieving will help greatly.

5. Learn About Hidden Quests
ArcheAge has a number of hidden quests that normally involve killing 15-20 of the same mob to reach the objective. The catch is that these quests will remain hidden until you actually kill the number of monsters required, where a quest completion tab showing the amount of EXP you received will pop up. Look for guides and such that tell exactly where these quests are located to save time, or to decide if they are worth it or not.

6. Use and Abuse Your Labor Points
As soon as you have the option of using your labor points, use them to harvest crops, chop trees, mine ores or even do a trade run. These essential components of the universe of ArcheAge not only allow you to gain ARCHEAGE GOLD and resources, but also give you a decent amount of EXP that often exceeds what you get from the early mobs.
7. Do Not Grind Mobs
One of the basic methods to level in the average MMO is by killing mobs one after another. This is not the case in ArcheAge. While you can still level that way if you want the full Sandbox experience, the EXP you receive from monsters can be pretty minimal, and must thus always be done with a purpose in mind (for quests, Overachieving, or items). In fact, leveling by killing mobs would have been a viable option if it weren’t for the fact that they aren’t easy to kill. If you think you can take down a monster with a couple of hits, or that you can take on a whole group for faster kills, you’ll be in for a huge surprise. Most of the time you’ll only be able to take on 2 monsters at most, and even then you will have to pay attention to your health bar as it dwindles pretty fast. Moreover, your Mana is limited and will go down fast the longer you fight.

8. Level with A Party
As stated above, killing monsters isn’t that easy, and it will often take you around 4-5 of your skills to take one of them down. So why not save your time and Mana by getting other players to help? They will also receive EXP and complete their quest objectives. Not to mention that they’ll be here to help if you aggro too many mobs.


Some of the Most Popular Class Builds in ArcheAge

aa popular class

ArcheAge features over 100 classes built from 10 skillsets favored by the gods and heroes of the Great Expedition. After reaching level 10, you can combine any three skillsets to make a unique class. So, many players have been looking for advice on what skillset combinations and class builds to go for. This guide will give you a quick breakdown of some of the most popular class builds in ArcheAge which will hopefully give you some ideas about your characters.
Tanking Builds

Though not the most popular role, we’ll start off with tanks. Tanks are focused on holding aggro and absorbing damage from monsters and players, primarily to give damage dealers some breathing room to melt their enemies. Almost all tanking builds have the Defense skillset included. Most popular and viable skillset combinations are:

Abolisher (DefenseDefense,AuramancyAuramancy, BattlerageBattlerage) – good tanking and support of allies, with debuffs and melee damage options
Paladin (BattlerageBattlerage, DefenseDefense, VitalismVitalism) – good survivability and sustain, and decent damage dealing tools

Templar (DefenseDefense, AuramancyAuramancy, VitalismVitalism) – supportive tank with buffs and heals

Skullknight (DefenseDefense, OccultismOccultism, AuramancyAuramancy) – strong tank with powerful damage-dealing and crowd control options
Healing Builds

Behind every good tank is a good healer. Healer’s goal is to keep their tanks and damage dealers alive in fights through heals and other supportive abilities. In ArcheAge healers are typically capable of doing decent damage along with supporting their allies, and most popular classes for this are:

Templar (AuramancyAuramancy, VitalismVitalism, DefenseDefense) – heavily armored healer build with good survivability and supporting tools

Edgewalker (AuramancyAuramancy, OccultismOccultism, VitalismVitalism) – two strong supportive skill trees with strong ranged spell-casting potential for damage and some CC (crowd control)

Heirophant (AuramancyAuramancy, VitalismVitalism, WitchcraftWitchcraft) – another supportive build with strong CC

Cultist (VitalismVitalism, OccultismOccultism, SorcerySorcery) – clutch heals while dealing tons of damage
Damage Dealing Builds

Damage dealing classes have the most variety and plenty of combinations you can go for, so we’ll break down DPS builds into a few categories: Archery, Mage, and Melee DPS.


With a dedicated skillset called “Archery” building one isn’t overly difficult, but there are plenty of synergies with other skillsets you can combine to make your character more effective. Some of these are:
Ranger (ArcheryArchery, ShadowplayShadowplay, VitalismVitalism) – very strong DPS potential with decent sustain/healing

Stone Arrow (ArcheryArchery, ShadowplayShadowplay, DefenseDefense) – also focused on high damage, but with more direct survivability

Trickster (ArcheryArchery, ShadowplayShadowplay, WitchcraftWitchcraft) – ranged assassin build with strong single target and AoE crowd control

Primeval (AuramancyAuramancy, ArcheryArchery, ShadowplayShadowplay) – one of the most popular builds in the game with excellent damage and assassination potential

Mages are some of the most popular archetypes in MMORPGs, and it’s not much different in ArcheAge. You can combine many different skillsets and focus your damage dealing efforts to ranged spell casting, and most players choose some of the following:
Arcanist (SorcerySorcery, AuramancyAuramancy, WitchcraftWitchcraft) – excellent combo of single and area-of-effect (AoE) spells with supporting potential

Spellsinger (SorcerySorcery, SongcraftSongcraft, ShadowplayShadowplay) – high damage output class based on burst damage, with a lot of flexibility

Spellsong (SorcerySorcery, AuramancyAuramancy, SongcraftSongcraft) – build focused more on supporting allies but also capable of DPS

Daggerspell (SorcerySorcery, ShadowplayShadowplay, WitchcraftWitchcraft) – very popular build with high amount of burst damage and crowd control

Demonologist (WitchcraftWitchcraft, SorcerySorcery, OccultismOccultism) – powerful CC and burst damage, great build for PvP or PvE
Melee DPS

Melee builds are often different than mages or archers: since you’re on the front lines you need to consider taking more survivability, sustain, or other defensive abilities. Most builds here are focused on either Battlerage or Shadowplay skill trees, combined with some other tree with strong defense, sustain or crowd control. Some popular melee damage-dealing builds include:

Inquisitor (BattlerageBattlerage, ShadowplayShadowplay, VitalismVitalism) – crit-focused PvP build with devastating melee damage and self-healing

Executioner (ShadowplayShadowplay, BattlerageBattlerage, OccultismOccultism) – melee DPS with damage and CC spells

Blackguard (BattlerageBattlerage, VitalismVitalism, OccultismOccultism) – crowd control and healing mixed with melee damage

Dreadnought (ShadowplayShadowplay, OccultismOccultism, DefenseDefense) – burst-based build with increased survivability

Darkrunner (BattlerageBattlerage, ShadowplayShadowplay, AuramancyAuramancy) – very strong and popular melee damaging build with group utility

Blighter (DefenseDefense, BattlerageBattlerage, ShadowplayShadowplay) – PvP-focused build with improved defense and extremely powerful melee attacks
Support Builds

For the most part support builds are based on Songcraft skill tree, often mixed with Vitalism for healing allies, and strong crowd control from several other skillsets.

Cleric (AuramancyAuramancy, SongcraftSongcraft, VitalismVitalism) – full support build with healing and buffs

Caretaker (DefenseDefense, SongcraftSongcraft, VitalismVitalism) – healer and support build with higher survivability

Dreambreaker (WitchcraftWitchcraft, DefenseDefense, AuramancyAuramancy) – some damage potential but mostly based on supportive spells and crowd control

Blade Dancer (BattlerageBattlerage, ShadowplayShadowplay, SongcraftSongcraft) – strong melee DPS with supportive abilities from Songcraft
Leveling Builds

In essence most leveling builds have at least one damage-dealing and one supportive skill set. Vitalism is very frequently found on leveling builds for most players as the self-sustain can help immensely in clutch situations. Though very often any DPS build can work well — if you can take out your enemies quickly enough there’s no need for sustain. Flexibility is also the key with leveling builds, as you will want to have both single and multi target spells, some sort of crowd control, and escapes or heals if things get rough. Some builds you can start with if you lack inspiration are:

Necromancer (OccultismOccultism, WitchcraftWitchcraft, VitalismVitalism) – good mixture of single target and AoE spells, crowd control and healing

Paladin (BattlerageBattlerage, DefenseDefense, VitalismVitalism) – melee build with decent sustained damage with strong survivability and sustain

Naturalist (SorcerySorcery, VitalismVitalism, ArcheryArchery) – ranged damage dealing with flexible mix of spells and abilities good for various leveling situations
This is by no means an exhaustive list of class builds in ArcheAge. Have fun.


ArcheAge will launch on Tuesday, September 16

Excited news in ARCHEAGE-STORE.COM! ArcheAge launch date announced in the party at PAX. Now the ArcheAge will launch on Tuesday, September 16. Check here to know the official archeage news update.

ArcheAge Open Beta: Sept. 4, Thursday – Sept. 8, Monday at 10 AM PDT
Head Start: Sept. 12, Friday – Sept. 16, Tuesday at 10 AM PDT
ArcheAge Launch: Sept. 16, Tuesday

Open beta for all new and veteran players with no invitation required, and your characters will be wiping all servers.
Head start for all FOUNDERS before you buy any founder (Silver, Gold, and Archeum Founder’s Packs) Sept. 12 at 10 AM PDT. If you are a founder, a four-day advance play ArcheAge.
About the ArcheAge Servers, will still retained the servers of archeage closed beta, and whether has the new server will be open for NA / EU, we would know after ArcheAge Open Beta.

North America


Now the hot NA server is Naima, there are many large guild settled, of course, it means that the land and resources are tight, so select an appropriate server is very important, you have to consider your characters in the later development and the playability of the game. If you want to play ArcheAge better, recommended you play this game in Spet. 12 and grab land and build house first after your character born, especially the three major ports for trading and archeage gold making. There is a guide you need know the best place build house in ArcheAge Solis Headlands of Haranya. How to fast grab land? It is need you fast to get the Scarecrow and 15 Gilda Star to buy design of house. OK, ARCHEAGE-STORE.COM would bring the hot archeage news and guides for you, make you leveling fast and easy.


How to Build House in ArcheAge

How could you without a house in Archeage? No matter to craft weapon and armor during the later, or raise pets and plant that all need house. There are two different styles in housing and are both available to all players. Today, we are glad to introduce the ArcheAge Housing System and help you build house easy.

To start building your house you will need three things:

The Blueprint
The housing blueprints can be purchased from Mirage Isle(shown above). There are two different locations to buy from, which feature different style houses, however both the Nuian and Haranya styles are available to all players. When you have the required Gilda Stars, travel there through any portal and navigate to the housing section.
Go up to the model of your choosing and buy the blueprint. Now you are ready to look for a good location for your house!

The Plot of land
You can build a house anywhere on the map that is designated for farms. There are special areas in certain zones that only allow houses, or allow certain types of houses.
Once you have found a space, use the blueprint in your inventory and place your house in the desired location. Feel free to rotate the house in your favored direction but note that this is permanent and cannot be changed without demolishing the house and starting over.

The Materials
Once you have placed the house design, a construction site will appear on the land. You will then have to carry the materials to the house to begin building it. Keep in mind that the materials will lose if you are attracted by other players. And the moving speed becomes very slow even ride a mount when you carrying the materials. So you may need to think about attach the teleport skill which costs 10 Archeage Gold.
Each material bundle will function as a trade package and when carried to the house must be used with Labour Points to increase the house development stages.

Note: Once the owner has placed the blueprint, any other player may carry a package and work on the house. This allows multiple people to work together to create larger houses.


10 Tips Fast to Know and Save Much Time to Farm ArcheAge Gold

1. Hold down the left button of your mouse, you can adjust the viewing angle to in front of your character, especially you want to take pictures.

2. Press Ctrl +V, can switch the description of health bar on the top of role, mobs or NPC. Different mode with different sizes of health bar, maybe will lead to the Guild Name is hidden, so remember switch back at any time.

3. The raw materials of grated grain, concentrated fruit juice, fumigation herbs, etc can gathering grain, fruit, fungi, etc. Then with the blade you can buy it in Crafting Merchant for production directly.

4. When you equipped the Ally’s Wings, and then you received the trading quests, the goods will replace your Ally’s Wings. So do not forget re-equipped the wings after finish the trading quest. Another, you can check of double-click the spacebar to open the wings in the game set.

5. Can not move in the map, do not worry, using the escape skills you can find it in the game set.

6. Ctrl + F to open the PK model, attack the neutral player or NPC. Remember do not attack the ally or enemy players in the neutral zone, or you will be attacked by the guards.

7. If you want to planting, please remember different growth time with different climatic, some plants will lead to growth time becomes longer or shorter, and the times of harvest becomes more or less.

8. Reduce 1/3 maturation time if you watering the plants or feeding domestic animals, but it is useless if the maturation time is less than 20 minutes.

9. Action expressions of your character are hidden in the skill bar.

10. If you want to ride with your friends or lover, please walk beside his/her mount and press “H“.


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