How to increase labor points in ArcheAge

In ArcheAge Labor Points is the third point pool, which doesn’t affect your character’s combat performance and survivability, but you can’t buy it with your ArcheAge Gold too. It is the core resource required for any crafting action: gathering harvests, planting trees, building houses, ships and so on.

Labor power is closely connected with leveling of crafting professions. Leveling progress depends on the amount of points you spend for a particular profession. The more points you spend – the faster you progress. For example if you mine ore you spend labor for every node and thus level up Mining.

Labor points are required for any crafting action. The amount of points you will spend depends on the difficulty of the task. For example gathering crops will cost less power than building a big ship. Big objects or tasks will require a lot of materials and a lot of labor.

How to recover / restore labor?
Labor Points are recovered automatically over time. Non-premium player recovers 5 point every 5 minutes regardless online status. Upgrade to premium account allows player to get 10 points every 5 minutes when online, and 5 points when offline.

There is on more way to recover – you need to own a house with a special bed. Later on we will add a guide about recovering labor power. Sleeping allows to recover labor faster and also applies a special buff that allows to work more effective.

The level of your character doesn’t affect the speed of labor recovery. So sooner or later you will face with lack of it. ArcheAge allows you to ask a friend for help with your task if you have no points. If your friend has enough labor he can help you with crafting. This may be helpful when you need to create something really huge like a castle or a big ship.

If you have enough LP you can spend them for your own needs or you can help others. This system allows you to “sell” your ability to craft to another player. They can hire you in order to benefit from your pool.

Labor is a very important resource that makes crafting very interesting. A player has to manage the power carefully in order to level up crafting professions. This power is a center part of the economy system in ArcheAge.


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ArcheAge: Queue Length Addressed In Patch

As a ArcheAge fan, i really love this wonderful MMORPG game, i always spends my pocket on ArcheAge Gold. Trion Worlds and XL Games’ crooked juries MMO ArcheAge has known some troubles since their launch last week.

Yes, ArcheAge has been very busy! The starter zones filling up with samey underwear-clad noobs all running around for those same boars and scorpions to kill just to get to that sweet, sweet sandbox portion of the game have been causing some server lagginess, on top of the earlier reported instanes of DDOS attacks (which seem to be under control for the moment). One of the big things that have been introduced is that players who are AFK during character creation are booted to free up server space.

Trion has also addressed the far higher-than-expected Patron prices. Unlike a Founder’s one-time payment, the contribution a Patron pays is monthly. In return, a player with Patron status gets bonuses like a 10% XP increase and faster labor speeds. Trion had said in a prerelease livestream that monthly prices would be comparable to their other game, Rift. Turns out they were about 20% higher! A one month Patron package will now cost £8.99, with three month and six month options priced at £23.97 and £41.94.


DDoS attacks threaten ArcheAge

Archeage-store : ArcheAge already being hit with DDoS attacks, which is a MMO from Lineage creator Jake Song that has been in development for eight years, is finally getting a Western release.

Song founded XL Games back in 2003, and in 2006 started work on ArcheAge, a sandbox-style MMORPG. The game will be released tomorrow in the U.S. and Europe, although it’s already been available for the past few days to players who paid for the “Head Start” bundle.

But these head start players have been hit with big problems, and many can only access the game for short periods of time. Now XL Games has stated that this is due to a denial-of-service attack, and the team says it is “hard at work to get you back in the game.”

DDoS attacks are becoming more and more common in video games. Just recently the PlayStation Network was brought down by such an attack, while earlier this year, Steam, Origin and Battle.net all received attacks on the same night.